The Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist

Before we had our kids and we were on road trips we would play the band name game. You know, the one where each of you takes turns thinking of as many bands and artists as you can that begin with “A”, and whoever blanks first is the loser, then you move on to “B” and so on, and so on…

Well since we’ve been traveling with the kids, the ipod makes things a whole it easier. So we started playing the ultimate playlist game. We go to “Songs” on the ipod and start with “A” and each person gets to pick one song each for each letter of the alphabet. Lots of times it’s fun just to see which ones the kids pick just ‘cause they like the sound of the name. Here’s what we have so far…


Wade – All Because Of You – U2

Jo – All That I Want – The Weepies

Soph – All The Things I Wasn’t – The Grapes Of Wrath

Nori – All Along The Watchtower – U2



Wade –  Bring The Noise – Public Enemy and Anthrax
Jo – Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House
Soph – Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
Nori – Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes


Wade – Crazy Train – Pat Boone

Jo – Copperline – James Taylor

Soph – Chinese Version of YMCA

Nori – Come On Eileen – No Doubt



Wade –  Disarm – Smashing Pumpkins

Jo – Distant Sun – Crowded House

Soph – Dance to the Music – Sly and The Family Stone

Nori – Dee Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da – The Police



Wade –  Everything Counts – Depeche Mode

Jo – Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic – Shawn Colvin

Soph – Egg Raid On Mojo – Beastie Boys

Nori – Electric Co. – U2



Wade –  Frankly Mr. Shankley – The Smiths

Jo – First Tine Ever I Saw Your Face – Johnny Cash

Soph – Fascination St. – The Cure

Nori – Festival – Sigur Ros



Wade –  Girlfriend In A Coma – The Smiths

Jo – God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

Soph – Genius – Kings of Leon

Nori – Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper



Wade – Hey Ladies – The Beastie Boys

Jo – How Soon Is Now – The Smiths

Soph – Hallelujah – Ryan Adams

Nori – Here Comes The Rain Again (Remix) – Eurythmics



Wade – I Fought The Law – The Clash

Jo – In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel

Soph – I Am The Walrus – The Beatles

Nori – I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness



Wade –  Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Jo – Jesus’ Blood – Delirious

Soph – Jambalaya – Hank Wiliams

Pax (Nori was asleep) – Jammin’- Bob Marley



Wade –  Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Red Russian Army Choir & Leningrad Cowboys

Jo – Kite – U2

Soph – Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

Eleanor – Kiss Your Feet – Delirious

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